About Me


Hi, I am Maria Wilker born on January 22, 1989, in Louisville, Kentucky. I attended school there before moving to Los Angeles in the 2009. Where I worked as a journalist for a while, and wrote for a couple of music blogs. I have worked in nearly all aspects of the music industry, from independent record labels to acting as manager and buyer of a record store to tour booking and show promotion.

Now I work as a freelance writer and do PR for various bands and labels. Also I teach music businesses course at the college.

Besides my experience in the music industry, I am a huge music fan (mostly Rock), I love talking record labels, tours, collectible seven inches, and anything else you can come up with. My favorite part of the music business is that it is filled with people who follow their dreams with all their hearts, even if it means taking the road less traveled. I hope that I can share some of my experience and help more people who are passionate about music make a living doing what they love. Contact me any time with your questions or your comments about the site, or even if you just want to talk music or let me know what you’re working on.