R’n’R and drug abuse

Did you ever come across someone and asked him if he liked music? My opinion is that everyone loves music, some more and some less. Some will listen to music more passionately and try to remember all about some group and someone will just say I like this or that song. Needless to say, everyone likes music. And some of that everyone likes rock and roll. It’s been a long time since R’n’R and its variations exist. People from the sixties to nowadays listened to rock, hard rock, punk, grunge, heavy metal… It’s a fact once they went in the mainstream, rockers became some of the world’s famous artists of all time. You can compare today’s musicians with old painters or composers. If in some terms Bowie, Plant, Jagger and much more are called poets why we wouldn’t compare them to Lord Byron or Edgar Allan Poe. But every art has its dark side, and it’s not different with Rock and Roll.

drugabuse-shutterstock222272536-heroin_spoon-feature_imageWe all know how older folks like to discriminate kids and how they all think that they are some alcohol and drug addicts. I had some troubles when I was a kid. When I went in elementary school, my chemistry teacher did not want to give me a better grade even though I deserved it. When my friends went to talk with her about some extra chemistry work, they asked her why she did not give me a chance have a better grade. Her answer was that they shouldn’t hang out with me because I have a long hair and that I was probably a drug addict. Today this sounds very strange. Not that just I had long hair but how professional worker could discriminate me like that. But I could understand her although from some perspective I think she is awful. Rock and Roll music, often connected with people who have long hair, is about drugs and drug abuse from its beginning.

lofeqogr6hofr1xychioYou all probably heard about Club 27, if you didn’t then let me explain. For starters, it’s not a club in which you are going to dance or drink. It is a figure of speech. This club is associated with all the famous rock musicians who died from drug abuse at the age of twenty-seven. The list of these musicians is big but also filled with quality artists. People like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse. It is strange how they all died at the age of twenty-seven. There are some conspiracy theories but I am not a fan of them, so I will not even talk about them. Some people say that first two or three cases happened and afterward, some artists, who were suicidal, wanted to finish like their idols. Some people don’t know how to deal with pressure and with fame. I read some things about Kurt Cobain, and he always said that he wasn’t wanted to be a huge rock star. However, he was the greatest rock star in the nineties and at the end he wanted to end his life. And from his perspective, the best way to finish was when he turned 27. It is just important that people stop doing this because this affects not just future musicians but future kids who are looking at these artists like in their idols.